Reservdelar chlor expert

Nr) artikel:

1) One way valve 

2) Buffer solution 465 mV 

3) S-B ORP sensor with 5 m armoured BNC cable 

4) Peristaltic tube complete (with connections) 

5) 500 mA T fuse 

6) Peristaltic pump tablet holder 

7) Complete anti-emission suction pipe (with cable & tube) 

8) Polyethylene correcting fluid injector tube 4x6 mm (per meter) 

9) Complete DN50 mm saddle clamp (adaptable to 1,5 UK) 

10) Complete DN63 mm saddle clamp (adaptable to 2" UK) 

11) PVC adapter for injection valve 

12) Sensor holder reinforced 

   Headless stainless steel screw for power pack hinge 

13) Chlor Perfect electronic card with orange LCD screen 

14) Chlor Expert control panel sticker 

15) Chlor Perfect control panel sticker (from 2012) 

   Empty pH Expert/Chlor Perfect box (front face + rear face only) 

16) Empty pH Expert box ?2008/Chlor perfect box (front face + rear face only) 

   Complete peristaltic pump motor 1,5 L/h (with casing) 

17) Complete peristaltic pump motor 5 L/h (with casing) 

18) Peristaltic pump protective casing Chlor Expert/pH Expert 

19) Peristaltic pump protective casing pH Perfect (?2008)/Chlor Perfect 

\  Stirr-up wall-mount kit (stirr-up + 2 screws + 2 plugs) 

\  Stirr-up wall-mount kit for casing (stirr-up + 2 screws)