457 x 231 x 152 cm

7 000 liter

Platser: x st

Vikt: 1 088 kg

Jets: 14/28 st

Pumpar: x st



Tillverkningsland USA; Las Vegas
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Sittplatser xx
Pump 1 xx
Pump 2 xx
Pump 3 xx
Filter (1) 50 sq ft Filter, (1) Micron Filter
Belysning 12 V – 5 in Spa Light

5.5 kW – 60 Hz (3.0 kW – 50 Hz)

Isolering Full foam with ABS bottom
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12 V – 5 in Spa Light

All models come standard with a 5″ pool light that illuminates your pool during dark hours.  Multicolour lighting is available as an optional upgrade.

0.25 HP Hi-Flo Circulation System

The in built Hi-Flo circulation system keeps your water circulating efficiently for 24 hours a day to ensure your TidalFit pool water stays clean and clear. The circulation system is silent and moves the pool water continuously through 150 sq ft of filtration (100 sq ft on the smaller …

6 to 3″ ASTM Super Deluxe Safety Cover

With this deluxe cover, your pool will stay protected and well insulated to keep in the heat. The ASTM Safety Cover is made from Icynene foam that allows moisture to diffuse and dissipate.

Advanced Digital Control System

This sleek digital LCD back-lit display controls your TidalFit Exercise Pool.  The system is very user friendly making it easy for you to adjust your water temperature, lighting and control your jets.  The smart keypad also has many advanced functions including displays in 4 different …

Full Foam with ABS Bottom

TidalFit models come standard with full foam insulation and an ABS bottom to protect against environmental elements. (ProPlus EP-16 is equipped with full foam and a metal frame).  The space between the maintenance free cabinet and the structure of the TidalFit is filled with Icynene high …

Grab Rails

These rails offer extra stability when exercising and stretching. These stainless steel grab rails are standard on the following TidalFit models: ActivePlus EP12 – One 18″ Front Grab RailPremium EP14 – Two 36″ Side Grab Rails (one 18″ Front Grab Rail is optional) …


Every TidalFit comes with a 3kw heater to warm your pool to the perfect temperature in any climate.

Kingwood Cabinetry

These maintenance free cabinets are beautiful and long-lasting.  Kingwood does not discolour, rot or warp and is easy to clean.  All spas are available in an above ground version and semi in-ground version (except the PowerPlus EP16 which is available as an above ground model only) with a …

Swim Systems

Each TidalFit model has its own unique swim system. The ActivePlus EP12 comes standard with Dual Adjustable Swim Jets powered by a single 2HP pump.The Premium EP14 and Pro EP15 both have Quad Adjustable Swim Jets powered by 2 x 2HP pumps for twice the swim power.  The Quad Swim System also …

Water Features

Our Water Features help you to unwind and relax with the tranquil flow of moving water. The Pro EP15 and PowerPlus EP16 come standard with a dual 9 in. waterfall whilst the Premium EP14 has a 20 in. cascade water feature.  These optional water features light up with a wash of multicolour …


Stereo med IPOD-dockning

Lyssna på din favoritradiostation eller anslut din MP3-spelare och njut av den höga ljudkvaliteten. Levereras med 4 högtalare och kraftfull subwoofer.



Rätt belysning kan ge den perfekta touchen till din spa-upplevelse, LED-belysning är designad för att ge den rätta stämningen. Vår LED-belysning har 10 olika funktioner som stegras med en tryckning på knappen på kontrollpanelen



Aquatic Training System

To maximize your workout in your exercise pool you can add one or both of our Stationary Resistant Swim Tether and Rowing Bars + Resistant Cords.

Audio Systems

Complete your pool experience with the fully integrated BBA™ Bluetooth Audio System or the Artesian Bluetooth Music Experience.  With a touch of a button, you can stream your favourite music to your spa from any Bluetooth enabled music device.

Bellagio Fall Water Feature

The eloquent Bellagio Fall is a beautiful accent that can be added to the ActivePlus EP12 when you choose our Dynabrite Multicolour LED upgrade.

Dirextflow Techology

This innovative technology provides you with the ultimate hydrotherapy control.  The patented Variable Flow Control allows you to set your own bespoke hydrotherapy level (akin to a dimmer switch).  It is the most energy efficient method available for unique hydrotherapy control!


Every TidalFit model offers a Hydrotherapy option to relieve stress, soothe aching muscles and aid in relaxation. It´s the perfect end to any workout. The ActivePlus EP12 offers 28 Helix Jets and includes a BellagioFall Water Feature.The Premium EP14 offers 14 Helix Jets with the...

Rock Cabinets

Javastone and Sandstone cabinets are available on semi in-ground models only.  The panels are made from a durable, fade and stain resistant material designed to withstand all types of weather conditions.  They are not only beautiful but they are easy to clean just like our maintenance …

Semi In-ground Pool

The TidalFit AcitvePlus EP12, Premium EP14 and Pro EP15 offer the semi in-ground pool option. This option allows the TidalFit to be sunken half way into the ground for a truly non imposing TidalFit pool.  With this option you also have the choice of adding a rock cabinet.

VacuSeal Lifter and Cover

The VacuSeal combined cover and lifter allows you to open and close this outward opening cover for easy and smooth lifting. This insulated cover seals to the exercise pool to keep in heat and reduces energy costs, providing even more energy efficiency than the standard cover.

Water Purification

Whether you choose to add Crystal AOP, Crystal ProPure or Ozone to your TidalFit, each provides water purification for a crystal clean pool.  Crystal AOP is revolutionary and is our most advanced water purification system, incorporating both ozone, a mixing chamber and UV light …

WorldWide WiFi app

Control your pool wirelessly from your smart-phone or smart-device from anywhere in the world! With this innovative App you can adjust the lighting, temperature, filter cycle, pumps and much more.  It even provides you with a helping hand for spa maintenance.


Sterling Silver Marble


Oceanwave opal


Black Kingwood

Java Kingwood

Red Kingwood


Taupe Kingwood


Antique Kingwood


Grey Kingwood